Gyspsy Media offers businesses experienced, professional representation to secure advertisers for their publications and products. Gypsy’s extensive experience & intimate knowledge of a diverse range of industry sectors and media formats can open up new sales opportunities for your business.

Gypsy Media & Marketing Services was established in 2008 by Marc Wilson, one of Australia’s most experienced media sales experts. Marc has more than 30 year’s experience in successfully representing consumer, retail and B2B publications, events, shopping centres, digital and online media, for leading publishers and companies. With the potential to reduce your sales overheads – by providing expert, contracted services on a set-fee, flat-commission, or retainer basis – the Gypsy team has the experience, skills and resources to:

  • Boost advertising sales for magazine, newspaper & web publishers
  • Advise on advertising planning & media strategy
  • Sell exhibition & open space at industry trade shows
  • Represent companies in the sale of specific product lines
  • Facilitate, manage and supervise complex print projects
  • Open up new sales opportunities for your business.
Why choose gypsy media
  • Experienced, professional representation of your company to secure advertisers
  • Extensive, established network of advertisers
  • Intimate knowledge of broad range of media
  • including print, digital, outdoor, retail and exhibition
  • A known & fixed cost of sale
  • No additional overheads
  • Flexible Sales Arrangements
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